Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Our Little Man

Rohan David Joseph, born on 2nd February, 2007.

Incidentally, I return to work tomorrow, after 60 days' maternity leave. Of course I do not look forward to leaving this cute little bub at home while I lug my pump to work and spend every 2.5 hours in my office shower cubicle, expressing milk fervently to keep up with the demands of his voracious appetite. To encourage let-down, I have to imagine his cute cheeks chugging at me, that amazingly loud piercing cry of hunger and the indescribably lovely scent of sweaty baby-babboooooo...

Our Little Lady

Melina Charu Joseph, born on 25th February, 2004.

She is opinionated, chatty, bossy, helpful, observant, sensitive, clingy-when-tired, energetic and mostly kind to her baby brother. Given that I think those are all descriptive of a healthy and balanced child (though my mother would probably disagree on 'bossy' and 'opinionated'... because those were what made it difficult to raise *me* as a child) I think that Tony and I fared pretty decently these first 3 years. I expect us to have a long loooong more way to go, but its a good start. Can you tell that I'm encouraging myself along here? :-P


So let me

re-introduce us as a family, before I attempt to make regular posts a habit.

We were bestowed with the lovely Charu less than a year after we got married on 3rd May, 2003. When she was 2 years old, we decided to add to the family tree, so ... before I wax on about our family in future posts, here are photos of:

a) Papa with Charu in the pool of Renaissance Hotel KL
b) Charu and me at Aquaria, her great Fishy adventure (can you tell that I am quite the 8-month preggers mumm ... ? If you think I look great, its cos I picked the most flattering photo of a few hundred awful ones ... heheh!)

Grumness Part II

I thought I had better get re-acquainted with my blogspot before I forget my login, password, name address and phone number with my mommybrain. So what better way than to introduce the newest member of our family, Rohan. That's Charu saying "ta-daaa, here's my baby brother!", right beside the cotton balls and baby duvet crumpled untidily into the cot corner. Cuteness and intelligence grow on these babies, as is evident from Charu's cheeky face.

Rohan is on his way there. He has been competitive right from conception, racing to match Charu's impressive birthweight of 4.15kg. Alas, he was stopped short at 3.8kg by the planned C-section. Now he seems to try for most of Charu's early milestones -- chattering sociably at interesting faces (the kind that grin and praise him nonstop at close-range), cooing excitedly at the globe sticker on our fridge (papa must have somehow worked his GIS expertise into their DNA), and consuming copious amounts of milk throughout the day.