Friday, March 14, 2008

De Year 2008

First, let me set up the visuals...

Whoaaaaa so its been a year, and I decided to haul my a** back here to reminisce about 2007's achievements, and plot out 2008's exploits. Well, from my visuals you might guess that I do not really have much control over either (achievements and exploits, thatis...).

As a matter of fact, I surprised myself and DID achieve quite a bit:

1) Rohan is now a feisty one-year-old with two tooth buds looming at the gummy horizon of his lower jaw.

2) Charu is a hyperactive four-year-old who loves swimming pools, Bananas In Pyjamas, prawn pasta and using our queen mattress as a trampoline.

3) Kept my job.

4) I had enough dare in me to create a Resolution that goes like this: Run AT LEAST 2 10km races in 2008.

4) What else ah?

I suppose being Alive is a good thing too. Seriously.

So, next is to work on 2008. Well, the recent elections were a Big Bang thing. Now the whole Parliament looks like First Day on Campus where you just don't know who that guy/girl is, but they bleddy well better know what we want out of this class!!

I have hopes. Fears too, but I think I'll focus on my hopes, and my expectations of myself for this year. I guess having a family helps keep this clear. Work hard to stay relevant, but work on being a good mother -- dish out tasty and healthy food, age-appropriate child-raising techniques, keep fridge clean, throw out all broken toys, read Kama Sutra... aaaaaa you ARE paying attention! :-D