Friday, February 20, 2009

Will you, won't you come and join the Picnic

I introduced the concept of a picnic to Charu and Rohan after they watched Minnie Mouse organize one on Playhouse Disney. Now every weekend, at least one meal request comes with some cute laungan of "Mammeeeee, can we have a picnic??" :-) So I oblige, because its fun for me too. I cook their meals as usual, but add on a little extra fun picnic food item. One or more of the following would qualify : chicken nuggets, cocktail frankfurters, jelly, cubes of their favourite fruit (in Charu & Rohan's case, it would be apples, mango and/or oranges), homemade potato wedges, etc.

While Charu poses for the camera, Rohan covets the nugget in her hand...

Chicken nuggets served with quinoa-flecked rice in chicken soup and mixed vegetables, but it might as well be The Most Fantastically Tasty Food Experience To Be Had In The Open Air..

While Charu savours lunch, Rohan smears it in his hair...

Charu: Can we do this everyday?
Rohan: That's a tasty-looking leaf...

I LOVE how happy they look (OK Rohan didn't oblige on camera, but he sure did have fun :-D), and how the food seems to take on more vibrant hues and texture when consumed out in the open sunlight. Its just downstairs by the poolside, but who cares??

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Satyam, the whole Satyam and nothing but the Satyam

Hi back, me blog. This site has been silent for over a month. That is because 2009 handed me its first big-time bogey on 7th Jan. Or rather, to my colleagues and me. In the form of a monumental, Jupiter-sized scandal, courtesy of the company were just sold to at the tip of the year-end.

But by now, February 17th, its all out in the open, you must know what I'm talking about - the Satyam scandal, India's Enron, big-time fraudery that rocked the beginning of this year.

Oh well. More on that later I guess. But for now, I want to move on. I have much more exciting updates about my life....