Saturday, November 22, 2008

This post to push down the embarrassing blabbery previous one

But ironically, this one'll expose an embarrassing incident that happened today. Why? Because I am masochistic or something, I don't know really. Maybe I'm just expunging it. Exorcising. Exercising. Oh no I did that already earlier. Bad idea because my ankle started talking to me. But that's another story. Maybe I should tell that one... maybe not. I need to shut the ankle up first.

Okay moving onto more exciting things. Who wants to see recent photos of my cuuuute children? Me! Memememee!! Sometimes I feel bad posting so many photos of Charu and Rohan in cyberspace, but where else can I stand back and admire with such pride, my lovely lovely beautiful little human beings? At home? Well yea but this is different. You see, here they are:

In Jakarta... which reminds me - I haven't posted a satisfactory story on that!! This one is taken by a window at Hotel Mulia, my favouritest photo of the lot, so favorite that it makes me spout worse English than usual

This is an old one (Rohan has hair!) lying in my Moto U9, I hope this helps you understand why chubbywubby is a staple adjective in our house. If this were a painting, I'd call it "Beanbag nap after lunch"

Rare organized pose midway through a no-rules galah panjang session on the badminton court...

Cuddling up to each other (and Goohee the IKEA-bought doggy - don't expect sophistication and tact when asking a 4-year-old to name her brother's dog) while watching TV

In kiddy pool in Rawang.. that reminds me, need to get a bigger pool!

Charu the patient princess, reading to Rohan the king on the throne... potty-training being one of the many sweet things that Charu is helping Rohan with. Truly a princess!

So there!! Ah what was this post for again? Oh yea... embarrassment. Well its not really that important or interesting anymore, because it cannot eclipse the spectacularness of the photos above. Agree? Greegree?? But oh well just get it off me huh. In a conference call today, I was discussing serious work issues when Charu sneaked up behind me and asked "Can you please wash my bum now?". Because I had kept her waiting for awhile, maybe 5 minutes. Well, some length of time that is longer than a little 4-year-old is prepared to wait for a bottomwash. Because I was being asked at that long badly-timed moment, to explain something. Because it is nobody's fault. Because I *think* I muted in time. Because I did not hear any faraway sniggering or anything after that request. Because the call went on without any awkward pauses. Because of all that, I HOPE that the embarrassment is only in my mind. Although, I guess I'm pushing my luck by confessing it right here...

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Do you know the Muffin Man... ?

Stop press YET AGAIN, I have an important piece of news to share with myself, and any of you who are remotely interested in happenings at my workplace. If you do know me, then you may know that I work at Motorola Malaysia, and at work, my colleagues and I call ourselves Motorolans. Like duhhh. Wait, this changes dramatically by end of this post..

Now, the day before yesterday (seeing that today is already what.. Wednesday!?!), I walked into a boardroom filled with big bosses at least one of whom I'd just had a conference call with on Friday, and at that time he seemed comfortably located at Arlington Heights, USA. No indication that on Monday at 11am, he along with his boss, would be face-to-face with me (in the case of his boss, it was elbow-to-elbow) in a Cyberjaya boardroom. So... since that *was* what I was facing (and elbowing), and since taking two steps backwards and joking about feeling like I was in AH did not at all dissolve the tableau (and I think elbows lie a lot less than eyes), it hit me within those few seconds, that some BIG huge almost-out-of-my-puny-Monday-coffee-drenched-braincelled-grasp news was about to land on us.

But of course. By 11.30am, we minute, smallfry project managers of Motorola Cyberjaya software teams, were digesting with much difficulty, the news that our site was acquired by Satyam, the big company from India, who'd recently set up shop down the road, and who were expanding their presence in Cyberjaya with a 15-acre facility that would be ready in June 09. Uh huh. Sounds like our new lokap iz gona be beeg, and next to da Balai Bomba Cyberjaya. Resipi untuk panik, ya? Heheh. Big heddek has started now. I not only have to digestify the news, I have to do it WELL enough to lead my team into this uncertain future, with as much confidence as I have running a marathon next week. But luckily I am NOT running a marathon next week!! But I AM going to have to walk into an employment deal with Satyam within the next month, or I will be out of a job. Ironically, I was contemplating being out of a job after Rohan came along. But the Work-From-Home program offered by Motorola allowed me to continue functioning, and functioning Effectively and Well at my job, well enough to stay on for a year and a half. Em... but now that I am in this comfy zone, it is dislodged. Typical of life isn't it. Change, change change. When you least expect it. OK lah admittedly I did expect some sort of change to be inevitable in the near future, seeing that no new projects (of significant and sustainable headcount) seemed to adhere to the site in recent times. But this is still a surprise. I guess that goes to show that... PEOPLE NEED TO PAY MORE ATTENTION TO WARNING SIGNS LIKE BUZZING IN THE BRAIN :-D :-D

OK more on this later. I owe this blog a Heckuva lot of updates. Bleddy hell. I will post lots, while I'm still a Motorolan, that's till the end of this year. By Jan 09, I will probably be a ... listen -- a Satyamite. Yesh, I guesh it rhymes with Marmite. Very Fresh..... read about the Satyam-Motorola deal here if you are genuinely interested in this sorta stuff. In the meantime, I need to sync this post with its title, so I hope you know the tune of the Muffin Man. If you don't, please get me or my kids to sing it for you the next time we meet, kay:

Do you know the Satyamite, the Satyamite, the Satyamite
Do you know the Satyamite, who's at Cyberjaya?
Yes we know the Satyamite, the Satyamite, the Satyamite
Yes we know the Satyamite, who's at Cyberjaya.

Oh craps. I DEFINITELY am so not in the league of my dear friend Preeta, nor any of the illustrious poets she reads and obtains inspiration from. PLEASE do not let my lack of poetic ability influence your judgement of her literary prowess, just check her out here.