Thursday, April 03, 2008

Reclining kids

Have you ever stood before the famous Reclining Buddha in Penang? Check it out here: I find it an impressive salutation to Buddha's peaceful, karmic aura.

I also have my own little reclining buddhas, albeit far more miniature in size (for now). Now you may not agree to my comparing a world-famous religious icon with one's own children. Even more if you realise that the pose is actually one of Buddha's awaiting passage to nirvana. Hmmm... but just from comparing physical imagery more than anything else, the essence extracted from my fuzzy Saturday-morning thoughts and onto this piece of blaper (if thats what I can call a blog in lieu of paper :-D), is that these two cute and exhausting beings made up of Tony and me, are also an infinite, harmonious free-flowing source of peace, serenity and happiness.

.... Paradox?? Maybe when I'm out of fuzzybrain mode I can explain better. Till then... peace and love!! :-D

Tuesday, April 01, 2008


Photos of babies sleeping are usually multi-dimensional to me, they have amazing texture - like peanut-filled mua chi :-D... they emanate a warm fuzziness that makes me grit my teeth with cuteness and I can just about smell the aromatic, sweet breath...

Even more so if they are photos of my *own* child sleeping. I wonder how many more years it will be before I outgrow the urge to kiss my sleeping child's cheeks or steal a whiff of neck-nape. Or will I ever outgrow it? Well... I suppose given that *I* would not appreciate waking up to my own mom staring at 34-year-old me with a melty-pelty gaze, so .... I guess I had better get over it at some point. Buuut, I'm not gonna count the days lahh.