Friday, April 10, 2009

Post, poster, posterior...

Its 11.44pm, late Tuesday night. I have missed wishing Joanne Peh on her birthday yesterday, but I did manage to transmit her my be-earlied wishes via GTalk the day before, predicting so correctly that I would forget to do so on the actual day.

So now I login to my blog, because I haven't updated it for ages, and that bugs me. Not really because anyone actually reads all this, but because like old parents, I feel that this place deserves somewhat regular visits and attention... with 'somewhat' falling loosely between a day and six months.

But then, I have many things to say, I just don't know where to start, and I don't want to reveal things that I don't mean to in case they start some trouble... That is why I usually end up not saying anything at all, much like how my phone conversations with my mum go nowadays.

Oh well. No worries, its now 12.46pm, and since 11.44pm, two funny things have happened, maybe those are enough to wrap up this post. Let's see:

1) I walked past the bathroom, and saw Charu's pyjama pants on the floor. This usually means that she had a late-night big business call. But the bathroom light was off, so I walked into the bedroom to find a smooth-bottomed Charu fast asleep on her tummy, apparently forgotten to put the pants back on after using the bathroom. Very funny sight, but I did NOT take any photo, knowing that that would ruin my relationship with her when she's a teenager in the near future.

2) Amumma walked out of the room, looked at me, and muttered, "Ooh. I thought it was morning!" and walked back in...

What is with people tonight? I had better wrap up, before some other funny thing happens. Anyway, boy am I super dee duper sleepy...........

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